Do You Need a Disinfection Cleaning Service?

Commercial and public buildings have been some of the hardest hit by the post-pandemic cleanliness requirements.  It’s important that any high-use and high-touch areas are disinfected on a regular basis. With vigilance and a dedicated approach to cleaning, it has become possible for most locations and businesses to return to “business as usual”. The key is a routine and responsive disinfection cleaning service.

commercial disinfection cleaning service
Woman cleaning armchair with antiseptic in office, closeup

Routine Disinfection Cleaning

Today, you will find that the majority of cleaning services like Alpine Maintenance have upped their game. Disinfecting everything is now a must-have in your routine cleaning services to ensure that every day and every week, your surfaces are returned to a pristine virus-free and bacteria-free status. This involves the use of medical grade disinfectant applied to every surface, let to sit for the recommended amount of time, and then wiped clean with a microfiber cloth.

Complete disinfection cleaning service starts at the light fixtures and vents and covers every single surface and object to the floor. Every time your office, clinic, store, or operational space is cleaned, you can count on complete disinfection with the right cleaning service.

Special Disinfection Cleaning

Some businesses and certain spaces need more than just routine cleaning and disinfection on a schedule. You may need on-demand disinfection, or even a team ready to provide disinfection cleaning multiple times a day. Examples include booked conference rooms or medical patient rooms where the space must be disinfected between uses, whenever that ‘between uses’ time occurs.

Vacation rentals, event venues, and other spaces where guests/clients/employees cycle through the space may require a special on-demand disinfection service.

Your business may alternately require a one-time disinfection cleaning service after a specific event or after an employee is diagnosed to help reduce the risk to the rest of your on-site team.

Disinfection Cleaning with Alpine Maintenance

Does your business or commercial building require dedicated, on-demand or routine disinfection cleaning services? At Alpine Building Maintenance & Supply, we have specialized teams ready to provide complete, thorough disinfection for any space or circumstance. Contact us today to learn more or book your disinfection cleaning.

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