Decorating and picking out the right pieces of furniture are always important steps when it comes to preparing your business for visitors, but we often forget how much of a statement that our floors make, as well. You can spend every last dime on painting walls and installing the perfect light fixtures, but, if you neglect to properly care for the hard floors throughout your facility, then your efforts are all in vain.

You may not give the floors a second thought because, as the owner of your company, you are used to looking past them on a daily basis. However, if you stop to take notice of the wear and tear that has affected their shine and the forgotten corners that have been ignored for the last several cleaning cycles, then you realize that it’s time to take this matter more seriously and hire someone who can help. After all, hard floor maintenance is a tough job that should be handled by a professional who is dedicated to attending to the floors on a consistent basis.

Hard Floor Maintenance

Floors from A to Z

You name it, and we maintain it. Our cleaning staff and team of managers are standing ready to take on whatever hard floor surface that your facility has to offer. From marble and hardwood to granite and brick, we have the training and the equipment to clean and restore whatever hard floors that your building requires. Our many years of experience give us the leading edge on other DFW janitorial services because we have worked with so many different projects and learned so many various tricks on how to make your floors really shine.

Hard Floor Care

We incorporate whatever manufacturing recommendations are provided for the given material so that we can guarantee that the floors will look as good as new. By providing the proper level of care, Alpine Building Maintenance & Supply is able to restore the original beauty and design of your hard floors and ensure that they will remain in optimal shape for their duration. Some of our customers have doubted that their floors could ever be made to look decent again, and we were able to come in with our expertise and work a bit of magic right before their eyes. That is why we have earned our spot as one of the premier cleaning companies in the metroplex area and are able to take on the challenge of handling a wide assortment of hard floor materials.

We Mean Serious Business

When we commit to working hard for our customers, we do not take that promise lightly. Our management team utilizes its skills and the right custodians to find a perfect fit for every project that we take on. We strive to go above and beyond the baseline expectations for a cleaning service and surprise you with our attention to detail and generous nature. We care for your floors as much as you do, and we do routine inspections to ensure that our staff is maintaining our end of the bargain and giving you the product you deserve.

Our Total Floor Care program is offered to our clients as a way of saying that we mean to keep your facility looking its best at all times. We recognize that your whole building looks dirty if your hard floors are not in tip-top shape, and that is why we put our custodians through continuing education classes to ensure that their methods and practices are accurate. A large part of floor care is understanding what the particular material needs to be properly disinfected and polished up, with the actual labor itself being the easy part of the job. This is why you don’t want to entrust your floor care to anyone who is not wise in their craft.

If you are ready to hire your first-floor care team or perhaps replace the former company that was failing to get the job done, we would love to begin a new partnership with you! Contact us today to learn more about all of the services that we offer and how we can help to restore the beauty and hospitality of your business.