Meet the Team

The secret to any business is communication. Alpine Building Maintenance & Supply wants to make sure your every cleaning and maintenance need is addressed each and every day. This team of managers are the people who will make sure you are getting what you pay for and then some. We are here 24/7 to work for you.

Ms. Latasha Wilson – V.P. of Operations

Latasha has been with Alpine for 11 years. She is an officer of the company and is responsible for the day to day operations of Alpine. She oversees all areas of operations and serves as an adviser to the owner.

Ms. Vanessa Calderon – Human Resources Manager

Vanessa has been with Alpine for the past 20 years and is now in charge of the department of Human Resources. She works daily to insure that the custodians are working efficiently. She works with the training managers to make sure that all the custodians are trained properly and that all their paperwork is in order. She is also responsible for the hiring of new team members.

Abby Hoover Day – Executive Assistant

Abby is the daughter of the owner and has grown up around the industry. She came to Alpine full time at the beginning of 2020. She brought many years of experience from Apple with her and she is making many good system changes in Alpine. As Executive Assistant, she serves the needs of mainly the owner and assists in many areas of the company from systems to customer care. She works tirelessly to insure details are completed and customers, as well as employees, are kept informed. She is truly an asset to Alpine.

Mr. Edwin Bailey – Training Manager

Edwin is responsible for making sure your custodians know everything there is to know about cleaning. He has spent his life at Alpine and is a second generation team member. After many years in this management position, he insures our custodians do it the “Alpine Way.” He oversees all the aspects of training and visits custodians on the job, when needed. Edwin is also the Alpine security officer, making sure the keys and alarm codes are accounted for and secure at all times.

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Mr. Gerardo Cervantes – Project Manager

Gerardo (Gerry) has been with Alpine for 20 years. Gerry is responsible for overseeing our largest customers and running one of our floor crews. Gerry is also in charge of chemical selection. After 33 years in the cleaning industry he works closely with the owner to insure that our equipment and chemicals meet the standards we are looking for.

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Mr. Cesar Madrigal – Floor and Equipment Manager

Cesar has worked with Alpine for many years as a part time floor tech until taking a full time position in management. With over 30 years experience doing floors of all types he brings a large knowledge base to Alpine. He oversees the floor crews and makes sure all of our equipment is in good shape and researches new equipment to be purchased.

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Mr. Rodolfo Gonzales – Project Manager

Rodolfo has served on the Alpine team for the past 16 years. He oversees one of our largest customers as well as manages the crews on several other large buildings. He works closely with Gerry to insure that the floors in those buildings meet the owners’ standards and the customers’ specifications.