Philosophy From The President of Alpine:

I personally believe that too many companies have forgotten that the customer always comes first. At Alpine Building Maintenance we have kept that spirit alive. It is important to have great products and services, which we do, but we also take the time to find out what our clients need and how we can make their lives easier.

We learn about your company and the business you are in. We, then, carefully match the right service and product to the job you need done. On a regular basis, we check with you to make sure you are happy.

Our approach takes a little more effort, but we know it is worth it. You are more than just a customer or a number to us. You are a friend we enjoy serving. You see, we don’t just want to gain your business, we want to keep it.

Perry D. Hoover- President, Alpine Building Maintenance

Perry and Lorna Hoover, owners of Alpine Building Maintenance & Supply