How to Talk with Your Employees about Commercial Office Cleaning

Your office cleaning company can help you talk with your employees about commercial office cleaning. In the wake of COVID-19, your staff probably has more interest and concerns in how their workspace is maintained. As always, frequent and transparent communication goes a long way to build teamwork and relieve stress.

How to Talk with Your Employees about Commercial Office Cleaning

Be Proactive:

Some of your employees may feel uncomfortable just thinking about COVID-19. By providing information and showing them what you’re doing to respond to the situation, you can help to reduce their anxiety. Plus, even under normal circumstances, a worker may be reluctant to probe into an area that’s not in their job description in case they offend others. By raising the subject yourself, you show that you care about them and value their feedback.

Encourage Two-way Conversation:

This is new territory for everybody. Your employees may have important insights about how to clean and maintain the spaces they use each day. Create channels where they can raise concerns, ask questions, and provide suggestions that can help keep everyone healthy, especially those employees who may be more vulnerable due to age and certain medical conditions.

Let Your Office Cleaning Company Know How We Can Help:

Communications have always been an essential part of our services. We’re happy to assist if there is any specific information or materials you want to share with your employees. That might include the checklist we follow for cleaning your offices or an explanation of the equipment and procedures we use. Whatever you need, we are committed to customizing our services to achieve 100% satisfaction.

At Alpine Building Maintenance and Supply, we care about our customers and work diligently to keep your building as clean and safe as possible. Contact us if you want a manager you can talk with 24/7 and top quality commercial cleaning.

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