7 Things That Get Overlooked While Cleaning Offices

Desk surfaces, break room tables, keyboards– these are all obvious items throughout the office that most of us remember when it comes to cleaning. However, studies show that on a typical office desk there are 400 times more bacteria than found on the average toilet seat. Now, imagine if you have 20 people in a workspace. Needless to say, cleaning around your desk is important and so are these additional 7 areas throughout the office that are often forgotten about.

7 Things That Get Overlooked While Cleaning Offices

Door Knobs and Light Switch Plates

These areas are touched hundreds of times a day and not limited to a single person’s hands. Multiple people are touching these surfaces, so be sure to disinfect as often as possible.

Behind Printers

Devices that stand in one place such as printers, fax machines, and shredder bins collect a lot of dust. Regularly cleaning behind these areas will not only make our respiratory system happy but also prevent dust from getting into crevices and damaging equipment.

Breakroom Appliances

Sink and microwave door handles are said to be the dirtiest surfaces within an office. Opening and closing a microwave is such a simple, mindless act but it carries the most germs and the fact that we eat right after is risky for our immune system.

Curtains and Blinds

You may not have to worry about germs on these but curtains and blinds tend to be dust and allergen magnets. Not to mention, when they build up enough dust it can become an eyesore.

Air Vents

Another area where dust and allergens collect that is often overlooked are air vents– both floor and ceiling. If the vents aren’t being used, cobwebs will find their way into these cozy nooks for spiders.


Whether they are real or fake, plants collect dust on their leaves and mold in their containers if they are neglected. Once a plant’s life starts to go downhill, it could also attract bugs. Be sure to properly care for plants by having a proper drainage system and dusting their leaves.

Trash Cans

Trash cans may be a receptacle for dirty and smelly items, but that doesn’t mean it should be ignored. Germs, dust, mold, and other sticky residue will build up on these which will eventually cause foul odors.

Once dust and other substances accumulate, it can be very hard to get off. Save yourself the hassle and target these items every time you clean. Customers will appreciate the attention to detail, in fact, we even have an additional checklist you can refer to. Contact Alpine Building Maintenance today for more helpful information.

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