Commercial Office Cleaning Checklist

Some cleaning tasks are more critical than others in a commercial office space. For example, if the floors aren’t vacuumed daily and bathrooms aren’t kept, your customers will notice. Other items, such as vent cleaning, might be more of a monthly task. So, let’s break down the tasks and cleaning frequency, to ensure your offices are well-kept and always look their best for customers.

Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Commercial Office Cleaning Checklist

Daily Cleaning

Imagine walking into a business where the bathrooms are dirty, floors are a mess, and carpets are filthy. You’d probably walk right out. Well, as a commercial business owner, the same goes for your establishment. You need to have some cleaning tasks performed daily including vacuuming, dusting surfaces, cleaning mirrors, maintaining the bathroom, emptying out the trash, and cleaning/mopping general areas. Of course, the list is longer/shorter, depending on the size of your office, and the areas that your customers access. But, it’s imperative that you’re performing these tasks daily, to maintain a clean, well-kept office space, for your visitors and employees alike.

Weekly Cleaning

As it relates to the weekly cleaning checklist, some items should be performed at least once a week to ensure the offices maintain the cleanest appearance possible. Window washing and squeegeeing windows, deep cleaning surfaces, and buffing hardwoods, are tasks that your company can hire a professional cleaning company to perform weekly, rather than daily.

Monthly Cleaning

Some areas of your office space aren’t front-facing, so customers aren’t seeing them. The air vents/ducts, high ceilings, and dusting below surfaces are tasks that can be performed less frequently. Of course, regularly vacuuming and dusting will help with maintaining these tasks so you can perform them less frequently, without it having an adverse impact on your office space and cleanliness.

Our team is here to assist you 24/7 in your commercial office cleaning needs. Regardless of the size of the commercial space, or frequency of cleaning needs, we have a dedicated team of professionals here to help at any time.

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