How Frequently Do Commercial Spaces Need Pest Control?

Despite most business facilities being clean or having workers in charge of daily sanitation, they are still susceptible to pest invasion. Pests will infest a commercial establishment for a variety of reasons, most of which have little to do with cleanliness. Yet they are not a one-time affair either. For as long as the business operates, a proactive pest control strategy is necessary to prevent an infestation.

How Frequently Do Commercial Spaces Need Pest Control?
Common pests that invade commercial spaces

The most prevalent pests in commercial establishments include cockroaches, ants, termites, and rats, but you could also find some common residential pests like bedbugs and ticks.

Why do commercial spaces need regular pest control?

A commercial establishment, much like a residential establishment, needs regular intervention to control an existing pest problem and prevent future infestation. Besides being a total nuisance, pests can cause significant financial and structural damage to buildings.

Naturally, bad news travels faster than good news, so you can expect that news of an infestation will travel fast, and damage a business’ reputation. Even worse is that such incidents will probably put the company on the radar of health and safety authorities for failing to create a safe work environment.

So, instead of waiting to deal with them after an infestation, maintenance and upkeep are necessary. Preferably in regular intervals.

How often do commercial buildings need pest control?

The frequency of your control interventions will depend on factors like the life of the property, the nature of operations, or the severity of past infestations. Aging buildings with cracks, spalling tiles, and other gaps and crevices often become ample grounds for pests to breed.
The nature of business, e.g., food processing or wood-related operations, would lend themselves to some specific types of pests. A previous history of infestation shows an obvious risk of infestation, hence the need for regular pest control to guarantee they are gone for good.

What’s clear from this is that you can’t be comfortable with one-time pest control with or without an infestation. The best way to keep pests out of your premises is through regular proactive pest control initiatives. Luckily, Alpine Maintenance has local personnel and the skills to keep them away. Contact us 24/7 to deal with your existing pests and preventative pest control that protects your investments.

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