Try Our Medical Building Cleaning Service

We have forty years of experience cleaning for a variety of industries. That includes the medical industry, which requires additional care and considerations. Our team is well trained and experienced. We can be called on to clean hospitals, clinics and medical offices!

Try Our Medical Building Cleaning Service

Our approach to customer care makes a considerable difference in our ability to serve a wide range of industries. We do more than just answer your questions and give advice. We also listen carefully to what you have to say. This we know is very important when working in a medical building. We aim to keep the area free from dirt and contamination while also being mindful enough to not stand in the way. We understand that a clean facility plays a critical role in the health of others and that it’s important to follow proper procedures. We pay close attention to everything that you have to say so we can do the best job possible without interfering with the important work that’s happening around us.

Safety Is A Priority

We are adamant about safety. That’s why we:

  • Have an OSHA program
  • Have special employee training
  • Have additional ongoing employee training
  • Are insured and bonded
  • Have inspections for quality control

Reliable Commercial Cleaning Service

Our company is family owned and we’ve been serving Fort Worth Texas and the surrounding area for forty years (since 1978). Our many years of experience has helped us to better understand what our customers expect. It has also helped us to understand what’s needed so we can best serve our customers.

We are literally available at any time. If you have a question, a complaint or more work for us to do you can call us at any time and talk to one of our managers. We’re also always available in case you have an emergency cleaning situation.

Going The Distance

We want to do as much as we can for our customers. That’s why we have a listing of qualified professionals to assist you in other building maintenance needs such as: plumbing, painting, HVAC and pest extermination. In addition to that, we also have a wide range of useful products to offer such as paper towels, soap and other useful items.

If you have any questions about our services, please contact us. We’ll be glad to help.

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