Why Maintaining a Clean Office is Critical During Flu Season

Winter is upon us! The seasons are changing and cool weather is beginning to set in. We all know what that means: snowmen, Christmas, hot chocolate…and flu season. Viruses and bugs of all types flourish this time of year, which means that it’s time to break out the cleaning supplies and wipe down your office to prevent the spread of illness. The flu virus can take an employee out of work for an extended period of time, vastly cutting down on their productivity. By making a few simple changes, you can ensure that the flu virus doesn’t stand a chance in your office. Here we’ll look at some basic steps you can take to avoid an office epidemic.

Why Maintaining a Clean Office is Critical During Flu Season

Wipe Down Surfaces

It’s important to clean surfaces that are frequently touched by employees. These could be things like doorknobs, keyboards, phones, light switches, and much more. Make a list of the areas that are frequently touched and keep them as clean as possible. If a case of the flu does break out in your office, this will help keep it contained. Killing the flu virus early could go a long way in preventing an office outbreak, so don’t neglect this important step!

Encourage Clean Hands

You should always encourage healthy practices among your employees. One key aspect of maintaining your health is keeping your hands clean. Consider buying hand sanitizer and placing it in several locations throughout your office. You should also encourage consistent hand washing in your office, emphasizing that this is a particularly important practice when flu season is in full swing. Consider posting hand washing reminders in the bathrooms so that employees will remember.

Encourage Preventative Care

One of the most effective ways to prevent flu outbreaks is to educate people on the ways that they can protect themselves. This includes preventative measures like vaccines. If it’s an option, provide a flu shot clinic for your employees. This could save you many headaches throughout flu season. It’s also never a bad idea to encourage other healthy habits like proper exercise, nutrition, and annual health checkups. By guiding your employees toward a healthier lifestyle, you will ultimately be helping your company by increasing productivity and happiness among your workers.

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