The Secret to Multi-Tenant Office Complexes Commercial Cleaning

Tenants in multi-tenant office complexes often feel the pressure to maintain a clean work environment. How can they keep up with all the commercial cleaning necessary while also meeting their own business needs?

What if you could find out how to create a sustainable commercial cleaning plan for an entire complex and not just one tenant?  This blog post will show you how. Keep reading to learn how this secret works.

The Secret to Multi-Tenant Office Complexes Commercial Cleaning

What is a multi-tenant office complex?

A multi-tenant office complex is a building where multiple companies or organizations rent one or more floors and most likely share common areas.

Some of the tenants in these complexes are:

  • Cars
  • Nonprofits
  • Schools
  •  Federal & Local Governments’
  •  Military
  • Contractors
  •  Charities
  •  Hospitals

How to go about Multi-Tenant Office Complexes Commercial Cleaning

1. Understand the cleaning needs of your tenants

What are your tenants’ cleaning needs? Some commercial buildings have as few as 50 and up to thousands of employees who need the cleaning services. That might create some coordination problems, especially when you’re dealing with multiple offices within the same building.

How often do they clean their floor? For companies whose office is only occupied by employees, cleaning takes place once a day. For companies with events or open hours, cleaning the floors might be two or three times a day.

2. Create a plan for how you will clean each space

How do you execute these cleaning plans? Facility managers have to consider the number of companies occupying a floor and the cleaning frequency. The more tenants a floor has, the more time it will require in between each cleaning.

Next, facility management should set up an appointment with their janitorial service provider. It will enable them to begin the process of getting their building cleaned.

3. Develop a schedule and organize cleaners by tenant name

The best way to do it is to organize by tenant name. It will allow cleaning crews to be familiar with each space. Facility management should also have no less than three days before move-in or move-out day.

That will allow tenants to help the janitorial crew with cleaning their office space. Once a discussion of all the items have taken place, it will be necessary for facility management to set up a calendar system to coordinate cleaning times and schedules.

4. Keep track of what has been cleaned and what needs to be done

To do it effectively, facility management should develop an inventory of each room in the building and chart how often it gets cleaned by a cleaning service. During each cleaning process, they can check off each area that has already been given a clean bill of health.

If any areas need additional attention or cleaning, the janitorial company can go back to those rooms during their next round.

5. Communicate with your team about their needs

To do this, you should schedule a time to meet with your team at least once every two weeks. It will allow any questions or concerns they may have about the cleaning process to be addressed and solved.

Once the meetings become routine, facility management can focus on more important issues that affect their operations.

Multi-tenant spaces are becoming more popular, as they allow companies to rent less space for the same price. It benefits both tenants and property owners. Facility management should fully prepare a cleaning plan that best suits their company Contact us to learn more about office cleaning services.

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