3 Important Tips for Maintaining Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors are exquisite and ageless, and if properly cared for, they can last for decades. Most hard floors are fairly sturdy and long-lasting, yet they still demand regular and skilled hardwood care to retain their charm over their lifetime.  Mopping and vacuuming alone do not count as adequately maintaining hardwood floors. Unlike tile or cement flooring, hardwood floors are full of character. This implies that they will respond differently to water, humidity, and wear and tear. These responses are progressive and may not be noticed in time. So, to extend its life, maintain the sheen and remove scratches, your hardwood floors will have to be maintained regularly.

3 Important Tips for Maintaining Hard Floors

Three important tips for maintaining hardwood floors

Clean spills immediately

Hardwood floors have an oil or lacquer layer at the top to prevent them from soaking up spilled liquids. However, this layer becomes useless if we leave fluids standing for a long while. So, to keep the pristine condition of your hardwood floors, quickly clean up any spillages, whether it is oils, chemicals, or water.

Protect it from scuffs and scratches

Scratches and scuff marks are inevitable with hardwood floors but you can consciously prevent them from becoming worse. Etiquette such as walking with soft-soled shoes or lifting heavy objects and furniture when moving them across the will help prevent deeper grooves. Anti-scratch pads come highly endorsed since they fix a soft barrier between furniture legs and the floor.

Touch up regularly

Your hardwood floors may look dull after some years of use. This is reversible by resealing with a fresh coat of lacquer or oil and re-polishing to restore the sheen. Pressure cleaning and stripping can also remove the buildup of the organic and inorganic matter beforehand. Depending on the extent of the wearing and personal preferences, determine how often this should happen.

What if my hardwood floors are already damaged?

Lifting, swollen, buckling, cupping, and tenting hardwood floors are beyond cosmetic touch-ups. If this happens, you can still restore your hardwood floors by reinstalling the wood tiles, sanding, and polishing to return the luxuriant long-lasting sheen.

Getting the best results

At Alpine Maintenance we know hardwood floors. We hold ourselves to the highest standards of our craft and would love to help your floors retain the sustainable luxurious finish you fell for the first time. Contact us for a no-obligations estimate for your residential and commercial hard floor maintenance needs today.

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