Car Dealership Cleaning Services

It might not seem like it would make a big difference, but in the eye of a discerning buyer, a clean, well-kept showroom, says far more about a car dealership than what a salesperson is wearing. Clean facilities are one of the most important factors for a car dealership that is trying to attract new customers and continually thrive in the Dallas Fort-Worth, Texas Market. This is where Alpine Building Maintenance & Supply can help!

Car Dealership Commercial Cleaning Services

The First Impression for Potential Buyers

Imagine a buyer walking into the showroom to find paper thrown all over, overflowing trash cans, or scuffed up floors. Then, they walk into the restroom only to find the stalls aren’t well maintained, and the toilets are overflowing. You can believe any potential buyer would instantly walk out of the dealership.

As leaders in the DFW, Texas market, Alpine Building Maintenance & Supply has a dedicated manager on staff, working 24/7, to respond to your calls. Services offered in maintaining your dealership showroom include:

  1. Professional floor cleaning, waxing, and polishing services.
  2. Trash disposal, during the workday and after hours.
  3. Window cleaning, vacuuming, and general tidying services in showroom offices.

Why Alpine Building Maintenance is Superior to Competitors

In addition to having a manager on staff to answer your calls at any time, the team is also dedicated to continual training and improvement. Employees are screened before being dispatched to your facilities, they receive ongoing training, and go through a rigorous 8-step employee training module to prepare themselves for cleaning services. Additionally, the company is OSHA certified, fully bonded and insured, and offers the same-day response to issues which require immediate attention.

There’s no telling how a bad first impression might push potential buyers to another local dealership in the DFW market. If you would like to schedule an assessment or are ready to hire our team for car dealership commercial cleaning services contact us today to set up your consultation.

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