Cleaning and Disinfecting amidst the Pandemic

Your business location probably has customers who would like to speak with you face-to-face. Whether large or more compact, the staff of your business is more sensitive to making sure rooms and buildings are clean, maintained, and safe due to the pandemic. Alpine Building Maintenance & Supply, unlike some other maintenance companies, ensures that your commercial and maintenance needs are met 24/7.

Cleaning and Disinfecting amidst the Pandemic

Understanding our Mission

We take our jobs seriously, and we know that currently, no one can leave out even one step of our daily routines for our clients. We have always taken pride in our level of expertise. Still, with the arrival of the  COVID-19 pandemic and the ensuing viruses and influenza, we are going over and above to keep every office and gathering area germ-free.

Alpine Building Maintenance & Supply Process

Our company’s routine includes:

  • Using hospital-grade disinfectants
  • Training custodians, the six-step process to maintain the correct procedures for cleaning surfaces
  • Insisting that maintenance teams understand clearly how cleaning products work, including knowing the ingredients in a product
  • Teaching the team to apply our products and let them sit for several minutes before wiping
  • Having our custodial team wear gloves and use clearly-labeled trigger spray bottles
  • Using Electrostatic Disinfecting Sprayers that produce a static electric charge in the droplets from the disinfection
  • Handles, phones, water fountains, restrooms, and counters are singled out for special disinfecting.

Janitorial Service at Its Best

Alpine Building Maintenance & Supply, located in the Fort Worth area, has been doing what they do best since 1978.  It’s not easy to find businesses like Alpine in 2022. But the years of service provided by Alpine Building Maintenance & Supply have given their company a stalwart and steady reputation. We are ready to assist you in the essential day-to-day services necessary in today’s world.

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