Not Your Typical Office Cleaning Company

Your company might’ve hired an office cleaning company in the past, that fell short of your expectations. Floors weren’t squeaky clean, the office had a foul chemical odor after cleaning, or you couldn’t get emergency cleaning services when you needed them. When you choose our team at Alpine Maintenance, you won’t have to worry about these or other concerns. What sets us apart from the competitors? Not Your Typical Office Cleaning Company

Our Screening Process

Customers will never have to worry about who’s cleaning their offices. All of our staff is screened to ensure the safety of our clients remains intact. We only hire honest, hardworking, diligent cleaning professionals. And, we take pride in the services we offer. We guarantee your satisfaction as a customer when you choose us for office cleaning services.

Our Cleaning Services

Our team of cleaning professionals offers the best janitorial services imaginable. Our office cleaning company will:

  • Clean bathrooms
  • Office cubicles/desks
  • Empty trash bins in and outside offices
  • Offers 24/7 emergency clean up services
  • Utilize the best cleaning supplies and equipment

Our team is fully trained to ensure they’re prepared to tackle any cleaning service necessary in your office space. Additionally, we focus on timely services, so customers never have to wait several days or weeks, to have an emergency dealt with.

We Guarantee Our Work

Not only is your satisfaction guaranteed, in terms of the quality of our cleaning services, we also ensure the use of the best equipment, techniques, and latest industry standards. Furthermore, our company guarantees the best local pricing for our customers, when they choose our office cleaning company for commercial office cleaning needs.

Ready to have your offices cleaned? Or, do you just want a quote? Learn about our services online today. Contact us today for a service quote, or to schedule your office cleaning services today!

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