5 Things To Include On Your Commercial Office Cleaning Checklist

Hiring a commercial cleaning service to clean your office is an excellent way to ensure that it stays clean, your employees stay focused, and you have a healthy and safe area to work in. One important aspect of hiring a commercial cleaning service is having an office cleaning checklist for them to follow. Everything that you’d like cleaned should be included on this checklist. This helps the cleaning service to know exactly what you’d like done and it helps to make sure that nothing is left undone. Here are five important things to include on your commercial cleaning checklist.

5 Things To Include On Your Commercial Office Cleaning Checklist


There are likely several surfaces in your office that gather dust each day. This includes your desks, cabinets, shelves, window sills, fans, etc. Including dusting on your cleaning checklist can help keep the dust in your office to a minimum and reduce allergens in the air.

Floor Cleaning 

Adding floor cleaning to your checklist ensures that your floors are swept, mopped, and vacuumed each time that your commercial cleaning service comes in. This helps to keep heavy traffic areas clean and helps to make sure that both employees and customers have a clean space to come into.


It is essential that your bathrooms are cleaned every single time your cleaning service comes because germs and bacteria are rampant in these areas. Having your sinks and toilets cleaned with an antibacterial cleaner will help to kill all of these germs and bacteria and reduce the risk of illness in your office.

Empty Trash

In an office setting, you are going to have a lot of trash and recyclables that get thrown into bins each day. Adding this to your checklist will help to make sure that the trash is dumped and the liners are changed each time that your cleaning service comes. This will stop the trash bins from overflowing and will also help to keep your office more sanitary because the trash doesn’t remain in the bins for long.

Window And Glass Door Cleaning 

In a high traffic location, such as an office space, it is important that the windows and glass doors are cleaned often. These can easily get fingerprints on them every single day from people coming in and out, or children touching them. They can also become dirty due to rainy or snowy weather and can get hard water stains on them. Having them cleaned each time your cleaning service comes can help to keep them looking great and reduce build up.

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