Why You Should Hire A Janitorial Cleaning Service For Your School

Who you hire to clean your school is more important than ever before. Parents want to know they are sending their kids into a healthy environment that is safe. Teachers want to know they can do their job effectively, with limited exposure to germs and bacteria in their classrooms. A professional cleaning service is committed to helping keep kids, teachers, and other school staff safe all year long.  Below are 3 reasons why hiring a janitorial cleaning service is important for your school.

Why You Should Hire A Janitorial Cleaning Service For Your School

Classrooms Are Filled With Germs

From allergens to molds and pink eye to colds, schools are a petri dish.  Throughout the year, kids are constantly coughing, sneezing, and touching numerous surfaces. Efficient and knowledgeable cleaning staff will sanitize and disinfect every surface to help stop the spread by helping to eliminate the transfer of germs throughout your facility.

Sick Days And Low Grades

Kids’ health and grades go hand-in-hand. When kids are out sick, their grades suffer. Falling behind in class can lead to stress and anxiety-creating more problems. From buffing floors to wiping down lockers, a janitorial cleaning service will work hard to help promote learning and reduce sick days.

Increased Teacher Productivity

Teachers already have enough on their agenda-from creating lesson plans to grading papers. Worrying about cleaning every day, before and after class, is time-consuming and disruptive to a teacher’s workflow. Hiring professionals to clean and disinfect surfaces allows the teacher to focus more on students and less on cleaning tasks.

Let’s be real- germs spread and we all get sick now and then. But hiring someone with hands-on knowledge of equipment and environmentally safe cleaning products can help put your mind at ease.  At Alpine Building Maintenance & Supply,  we’re committed to providing quality service and excellent communication to get the job done promptly. Contact us so we can take care of all your janitorial cleaning needs. We’ll focus on making your school spotless and germ-free, so you can focus on education.

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