Why You Are Wasting Time Using Employees as Janitorial Staff

Many small employers save money by having staff clean their office space. While this may sound like a good idea, you are doing your staff, your clients and yourself a disservice. In a small office you probably do not need your own janitorial staff, but your building and its fixtures are not getting the cleaning they need to maintain their longevity and appearance. That is where a cleaning office services can come in handy.

Why You Are Wasting Time Using Employees as Janitorial Staff

Your Staff

You handpicked your staff to do a certain job. Hopefully, they take great pride in doing it. While they may not mind cleaning your office they may be putting aside work in order to do it. For some employees putting aside several hours a week to scrub and vacuum may be creating a time crunch. It’s also likely that the several hours they are putting aside could be better spent catching up in other areas.

Your Clients

While your staff is sprucing up around the office they aren’t working for your clients. If someone told you they would dedicate a few hours a week – for free – to your clients you would be ecstatic, wouldn’t you? Since you’re already paying your staff to clean instead of participating in their regular work, that’s exactly what will happen when you take cleaning off their plates.


You paid a lot for your office space – the fixtures, the flooring, it all cost you something. No matter how well-intentioned the employee, it is unlikely that your office is being properly maintained by the occasional spot cleaning it is currently receiving. By paying your employees to provide sub-par cleaning services you are costing yourself three times over in long-term maintenance, employee wages, and customer satisfaction.

Keeping your office clean isn’t just a matter of appearances. Contracting with a commercial janitorial service will keep you, your customers and your staff productive and happy. Contact Alpine Building Maintenance & Supply online or by phone at 817-795-6470 for more information about commercial cleaning services in your area.

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