3 Important Cleaning Tasks That Janitors Perform In Schools During The Summer

Janitors perform many important cleaning tasks in schools during the school year, but they also perform several important tasks during the summer months as well. This type of cleaning is considered to be more deep cleaning and can be done when students aren’t in the school. These tasks help to prepare the school for the fall and keep it looking and functioning well. Here are three important cleaning tasks that janitors perform in schools during the summer months.

3 Important Cleaning Tasks That Janitors Perform In Schools During The Summer

Wash Windows

One very important task that janitors complete over the summer is the cleaning of the windows in the school. This is the perfect time to clean all the windows because students aren’t in the school, so they aren’t continuously getting dirty. Squeegees and environmentally safe glass cleaners are used to remove all the dust, bugs, prints, smudges, etc. from the windows. This helps them to look amazing when school starts up again in the fall.

Wax Floors 

Another important task that janitors can perform during the summer months is the waxing of all the floors in the school. This waxing is done after thoroughly cleaning the floors and then removing the old wax from them. This new wax helps to prepare the floors for the new school year and also helps to preserve them so that they last a lot longer.

Scrub Walls

Lastly, janitors can take time in the summer to wash down all the walls in the school. Proper cleaning solutions are used to clean the walls without harming the paint. The walls are then carefully scrubbed down using industrial-sized scrubbers that reach a great deal of surface area at one time. This leaves that walls looking clean and fresh, without ever applying a new coat of paint.

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