3 Ways Commercial Janitorial Cleaning can Save your Company Money

Managing your cash flow is the best way to ensure the success of your business. That means you need to make smart investments that will pay bigger dividends in the long run. One such investment that is often overlooked is commercial janitorial cleaning. Our commercial cleaning services can actually save you money in a number of ways-here’s how.

3 Ways Commercial Janitorial Cleaning can Save your Company Money

#1. Reducing the Number of Man-Hours Needed

Someone has to perform janitorial services. If we’re not doing it your employees will have to, which means more money spent on payroll. Outsourcing your cleaning to us is generally more cost effective because you can avoid the associated payroll taxes and insurance.

#2. Lowering your Liability

Slip and fall accidents are more likely when floors are too wet or you do not use the right cleaning products. Here at Alpine Building Maintenance & Supply, we know how to clean, mop, and wax floors in a safe and effective manner. We’ll also ensure the right signage is placed, and can even rope off certain areas if needed.

#3. Preventing the Need to Purchase Supplies and Equipment

Buffers, floor scrubbing equipment and janitorial carts are all expensive pieces of equipment, but are necessary for keeping your building clean. At the same time, they aren’t always cost-effective for many businesses to purchase. Likewise, the cost of cleaning supplies and equipment such as brooms and mops can also add up over time. These are expenses you will no longer have to worry about when you allow us to handle your janitorial needs.

Professional cleaning can help you save money, and will leave you with a more attractive facility. As such, it might also result in more sales in addition to a reduction in expenses. To find out how our commercial janitorial cleaning services could help you improve your bottom line, please contact us.

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