Hire An Office Cleaning Company for your Professional Office

Your professional office deserves a cleaning service that takes its work as seriously as you do. It would be silly to wear a business suit while you’re mopping the floor, but our team is fully committed on the inside where it counts. Here are a few things that make our office cleaning company stand out.

Hire An Office Cleaning Company for your Professional Office



Cleaning processes and equipment keep improving over time. Our employees receive training and continuing education on the latest technological advances so they can clean your offices as efficiently and effectively as possible. In fact, before any of our custodians can be sent to an account, they must complete an 8 step training program with testing and on site training. We also make safety a top priority so you can feel confident that we’re following the proper guidelines for handling cleaning chemicals and other products.


Do you feel like you’re wasting your time when you try to tell some of the people you work with about issues you’re having? We welcome your feedback, and we’re available 24/7 to take same-day action to resolve any situation. Of course, your cleaning needs may vary as your business evolves so you can always let us know when you need something new. Our communication system is designed to handle daily and emergency conditions. Staying in touch and putting customers first helps us to keep minor issues from developing into bigger concerns.


We’re proud of our reputation, and we want to consistently exceed your expectations. That’s why we routinely go far beyond the typical checklist to offer any services that your individual business needs.  We also provide regularly scheduled inspections and conduct performance auditing programs to ensure superior results.

For professional commercial office cleaning you can trust in the DFW area, contact us at Alpine Building Maintenance & Supply. Our office cleaning company has been active in the cleaning industry for over 40 years with a deep commitment to quality and communication.

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