4 Things to Look for When Selecting A Church Cleaning Company

Finding the right people to clean your church is a daunting task. You want a service that will work with you and your unique needs as a community institution. With that in mind, consider these four things when looking for a church cleaning service.

4 Things to Look for When Choosing between Church Cleaning Services

1. Professionalism

Professionalism is key when choosing a church cleaning service. Select a company that will respect your church and the work you do. If you feel uncomfortable, give that company a pass.

Make sure the cleaning service has proper insurance as well.

2. Flexibility

With the different regular services and special programs your church has, you want a company that works with you and not against you. Look for the company that allows you the flexibility needed to serve your congregation and the community.

On a similar note, choose a cleaning service that values communication. It doesn’t matter how flexible they claim they are if they won’t answer your calls or get back with you about concerns or scheduling changes.

3. Training  

Ask prospective cleaning services about what training they offer their employees. Choose trained and experienced cleaners who have undergone the proper background checks. Make sure you can trust your cleaning service.

4. Attention-to-Detail 

Let’s face it. Churches get dirty too. Nurseries and bathrooms, in particular, are breeding grounds for germs. You want to choose a church cleaning service that understands your needs and will give them the proper attention.

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